The Big One 3: Apocalypse is a 2003 disaster film.


Part 1Edit

Daniel Edmond (Alam Lompart) planned a business trip to visit Ocean Park for a press confrence. He goes on a trip from his home in Silverio land to the press confrence in Hong Kong. By the time he reaches Hong Kong, he learns that a storm was formed. On the way, he ends up in a congestion. A tornado forms, making several cars fly in the air. He tells the driver to go on the other side. He reaches the city, but just then, an 7.9 earthquake attempts to level the city. He survives, with sigh. He notices that decorations fall around him.

As the next day progresses, the Earthquake Center realizes that a series of faultlines form around lands of the Mediterranean Sea (including Europe and North Africa). Earthquakes level Paris and Rome, causing many to perish. A tsunami forms near Greece and levels Venice. Another earthquake levels Cairo and Jerusalem.

Leaning that one of the faultlines leveled London, it crosses the Atlantic Ocean towards the United States. An 9.0 earthquake destroys Las Vegas, causing it to sink and level many buildings.

Part 2Edit

News reports complain about the earthquake that destroyed Las Vegas. They reveal that a crack split it in half. The Earthquake Center predicts that the next quake will destroy San Francisco. A 9.4 earthquake destoys San Francisco, causing a tsunami and making the Golden Gate Bridge collapse. It turns and heads for Los Angeles. A 9.9 earthquake destroys Los Angeles. It turns once again, this time, to the ocean. It floods up the new faultline. We zoom out to outer space showing that North America and Europe are split in half. Then the credits roll.

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