Sink at Sea (2012)Edit

Sink At Sea

Sink at Sea (Silverish:Surente on Sea do lose City Flood in the City and the Sea) is a 2012 movie directed by Losen Aretto. The film is about a series of earthquakes that threaten to destroy the world.



  • Nebo-Shozo as Yestre Rodriguez
  • Leno Monetz as Nezre Ochen
  • Alam Lompart as Kevin Richard
  • Ayumi Hamasaki as Imoshi Kasura
  • Ineta Shavarez as Lemotera


  • Released on March 10, 2012
  • SMTRC rating: M15
  • Distributed by Boca Pictures
  • Produced by Derek Baza
  • Directed by Losen Aretto

Running TimeEdit

  • 2hrs 32mins


Scientists in Greenland test an experiment that is estimated to stop global warming. However, the experiment fails, and sea levels rise dramatically.

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