End of the World! is a 2010 disaster film directed by Dante Balradge. It aired on SNT on August 6, 2010 at 5:30 p.m.


One morning, Emma (Martha McMurphy) wakes up and is about to head to work. At JFK, Emma goes on a flight to Paris. In Los Angeles, Mocon (Jennifer Rhodes) and Yoshen are at the beach having fun and swimming. Later, The Society notices a 9.3 earthquake has hit off the coast of Brokenhall. The mentioned quake flourishes a giant tsunami that heads all the way to Los Angeles. The entire beach is evacuated, but is too late. Thus, many die from drowning. Mocon and Yoshen survive, but the film is not over.

In Las Vegas, Disney Channel is broadcasting a TV series. An 8.6 earthquake ruptures the Mojave Desert, obliterating Sin City.

The Society has found a force field in Australia. The force field unleashes tornadoes the size of an EF5 tornado. However, the field has mushroomed so largely (and quickly) the force field now covers Southeast Asia. The Society is notified by ABS-CBN that a large tornado has been seen in Manila. Harua (Khani Holmata) is in Manila and has been notified by the news that a radar screen on his television shows that several tornadoes have already formed. Harua must now get out of the area. Back at The Society the team notices the tornadoes and as Hank watches the news, the reporters mention the local highways are overcrowded due to mass evacuation. Harua is now fleeing the city, but by the time we see EDSA (now extremely overcrowded due to evaucations done in huge numbers), Harua is now stuck in traffic. One tornado obliterates SM North EDSA.

At a local amusement park, Mocon and Yoshen really want to go to Disney World. As they enter the gates, The Society notices the force field had went all the way to Florida. It creates an EF-4 tornado 40 miles away from Disney World. The Tornado Twisters are tracking the mighty tornado as it travels west - toward Disney World - through central Florida. It causes trouble for the park. Mocon, Yoshen and their parents are having fun at the park when the sunny sky suddenly turns into a very dark, cloudy, stormy sky, making it look like it's night. Mocon lets her know that "A tornado is coming!" People all over the park flee from the approaching (and intimidating) tornado, causing massive evacuations of the park. Mocon and Yoshen make it to the exit, but now realizes Mocon's mother did not make it. News reporters on several screens all over The Society tell them tornadoes have touched down on the magic kingdom. Now the toll booths - being used as exits for the sake of mass evacuation - are very crowded and as the tornado obliterates Disney World, a tornado formed out of the existing tornado - another EF4 tornado - is bound for the parking lot and heads directly for the toll gates, causing many exiting vehicles to be lifted in the air like children's toys. Mocon and Yoshen are told by their father to get out. Later a message from The Society orders the Tornado Twisters to destroy the tornado but fails - the Tornado Twisters are forced to escape from the tornado as it swallows their van and throws it into the air like a toy.

Now, too many disasters are happening for The Society to tell.

Later, a news report shows that the 2010 Winter Olympics have been urgently cancelled due to the tsunami from earlier attempting to obliterate Vancouver. In Hawaii, Mt. Kiluaea turns into a more destructive volcano, destroying Hilo and alot of the surrounding area. At Yellowstone, much of Yellowstone is obliterated by constant volcanic eruptions.

The tsunami that destroyed L.A. is now going to destroy China. Out in the Pacific Ocean, The Society is having trouble searching for the tsunami. However, the tsunami capsizes the hovercraft, causing it to sink and for The Society to fail the tsunami mission. Another news report shows that mass evacuations with billions of people involved are becoming common all across the world. Later President John Aretera predicts that this is the end of the world. Back in Los Angeles, a family was going on a trip heading to the Disney Studios. Meteors impact the road.

Now the force field has spread all the way to Europe. Emma was on her Paris vacation until she was shocked when a tornado (most likely an F5 tornado) ruptures the Eiffel Tower, killing Emma and everyone else on it. The plane passes through a destroyed Eiffel Tower.

The next day, The Society announces a very large asteroid is on a collision course with Earth. Hank mentions if it hits it will "end all life as we know it." The Society sends an unmanned probe to destroy it, but it malfunctions and is now headed for Los Angeles. An on-screen map predicts the route of the asteroid, saying pieces will fall into Sepulveda Middle School and the biggest piece will hit Santa Clarita.

At Sepulveda Middle School, everyone sees a meteor shower impact the school, destorying many campus buildings and making the students die, including a cowboy. Due to lack of help, The Society is forced to enter Sepulveda Middle School. A meteor is bound for the Santa Clarita Valley but instead lands too early, causing the asteroid to obliterate the San Fernando Valley. Then the credits roll.

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